Social Responsibilty

We take it


At Buiteman

We sell our products under our own brand as well as under private label in both domestic and foreign markets. We are very aware of our responsibility towards our planet and the environment and pursue an active policy in terms of corporate social responsibility. We produce as economically as possible, hence saving on raw materials and focussing on minimising energy, packaging and recycling waste.


At Buiteman we offer a wide range of organic products. All our organic products are suitable for vegetarians, as for our non organic products, we use pure ingredients, such as flour, eggs and authentic cheese.

We use butter, olive oil or vegetable fat (with or without palm oil). The vegetable oils and fats are non-hydrogenated, which are healthier by nature.

Practically all our products contain less than 1% trans-fat. In this aspect Buiteman has a leading role without compromising in taste, texture and quality.


For our Organic Range, we have a certified organic production process. We exclusively use the best organic, non-GMO raw materials available on the market. From eggs to tomatoes to herbs and spices, all ingredients come from certified organic suppliers. Regular checks are carried out by the proper authorities.


We only use barn-, free range- or organic eggs in our products.


The debate on the felling of rain forests for palm oil plantations has led to Buiteman becoming a member of the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). From 2014 all the palm oil in our vegetable fat is from a sustainable origin. Our consumers can be confident of choosing our products in the knowledge that we actively support the development of sustainable palm oil.

Good and honest
We care about our planet and feel socially and environmentally responsible.