Private label

When it comes to… innovation and taste
Buiteman is renowned for making the most delicious savoury biscuits and twists. Besides more than 12 cheese classics, we also offer less classic, but equally tasty varieties, either with or without cheese. We use a number of denominated origin cheeses. We keep a close watch on trends and anticipate on them, inventing new flavour combinations almost every day. Our latest innovation, is a crumbly cookie with real Parmesan cheese, roasted onion, balsamic vinegar and a hint of chilli: the perfect balance between savoury, sweet, sour and spicy.

When it comes to… Tailor made projects
Apart from selling our own branded product range, Buiteman works together with many major key accounts all over the world to successfully develop and market their private label range of savoury biscuits & twists.
With our broad experience we are able to offer lots of possibilities when it comes to packaging, flavours, shapes, textures and toppings, giving our customers the possibility to create a unique and exclusive concept.

When it comes to… Seasonal items
Besides standard packaging, we would like to think with you to develop something special. Special in recipe or a different packaging to outstand the crowd. Our flexibility makes us the ideal partner for such projects.